Verbatim 4 Ports Travel Charger($25)

Perfect travel partner for devices charging, which has 4 USB ports
With smart charging technology, it can optimize the best current for your smartphone, tablet, camera and portable battery, etc
Supports up to 4.8A max total output with 2.4A max output each port
Acquired multi-national safety certificates and adopted 4 protection systems to ensure safety use
Included 4 universal plugs for swapping
Compact, stable and smart
4 Universal Plugs Included
EU/US/AU/UK universal standard plugs are included in the packaging that allows you to adopt the charger in more than 150 countries.

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Multi-national Safety Certificates
4 Ports USB Hub Charger has gained FCC (U.S.) , CE (EU), E1703 (Australia) certificates. It also acquired Global Product Liability Insurance. The quality and stability are ensured.

Smart Charging with 4.8A max Output
Total current output is 4.8A 50W maximum. 1 single USB port supports 2.4A max. current output. With smart charging technology, it automatically detects device’s specification and optimizes charging current.

4 Protection Systems
It is designed with anti-over current, anti-overheating, anti-short circuit and anti-overvoltage protection.

Total output: 4.8A max. (50W) (each port 2.4A max.)
Certificates: FCC, CE, E1703, ROHS
With Global Product Liability Insurance
Warranty: 1-year.

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