Optic Fiber Quick Fast​Connector

Optic Fiber Quick Cold FTTH SC Single Mode UPC Fast Connector 2018 New

063 76 79 79 / 012 23 00 86 / 093 23 00 87.(សៀមរាប).

Description:SC embedded fiber optic connector quick connector cold, using tricyclic class A ferrule insertion loss, operability / reuse / stable performance, low cost, fast installation and so on. Specifications:Product Name: embedded fiber optic connector quick connector coldModel: SC / UPC-PThe average insertion loss: ≤0.5dbReturn loss: ≥48dbTemperature cycle: -40 ~ + 85  / 168hVariation: ≤0.2dbRally: ≥35NTorque: ≥25NRepeat assembly: ≥15 timesVariation: ≤0.2dbSize:60x9mm/2.36×0.35″Carrier-class standards: Each ferrule have been detected within the optical loss -0.5db, it has reached the level of telecommunications standards  Package included:100PCSx SC Fiber Connector

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