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No. Code Item Description
1 DD-002 Dell Inspiron AIO 3043 Celeron N2840-4GB-500G-19.5″-UMA-UBT-None-DVD-W1705
2 DD-165 Dell Inspiron AIO 5459 None Touch-i5-6400T-8G-1TB-23.8″-D4GB-Win10Home SL-Wirless-DVD-RW
3 DD-190 Dell Inspiron AIO 5459 Touch-i5-6400T-8G-1TB-23.8″-D4GB-Win10Home SL-Wireless-DVD-RW
4 DD-201 Dell Inspiron AIO 5459 Touch-i7-6700T-12G-1TB-23.8″-UMA-DOS-DW
5 DD-240 Dell Inspiron AIO 7459 Touch-i5-6300HQ-12GB-1TB-23.8″-UMA-Win10HSL-Wirless-None-DVD
6 DD-241 Dell Inspiron AIO 7459 Touch-i5-6300HQ-12GB-1TB+32G SSD-23.8″-D4GB-Win10HSL-Wirless-None-DVD
7 DD-447 Dell XPS 8900-i5-6400-8GB (4GBx2)-1TBx1-D2GB-Win10Pro-W1801-DVD-RW
8 DD-452 Dell XPS 8900-i7-6700-8GB (4GBx2)-1TBx1-D2GB-Win10Pro-Wireless1801-DVD-RW
9 DD-454 Dell XPS 8900-i7-6700-16GB (8GBx2)-2TBx1-D4GB-Win10Pro-W1560-DVD-RW
10 DD-615 Dell Inspiron Mini Tower 3650-PDC G4400-3.3Ghz-4GBx1-1TB-UMA-UBT-DW-Cardreader-Wireless1707
11 DD-621 Dell Inspiron Mini Tower 3650-i3-6100-8GBx1-1TBx1-UMA-UBT-DW-Cardreader-Wireless1707
12 DD-622 Dell Inspiron Mini Tower 3650-i3-6100-8GBx1-1TBx1-D2GB-UBT-DW-Cardreader-Wireless1707
13 DD-624 Dell Inspiron Mini Tower 3650-i5-6400-2.7Ghz-4GBx1-500GBx1-UMA-UBT-DW-Cardreader-Wireless
14 DD-634 Dell Inspiron Mini Tower 3650-i5-6400-2.7Ghz-8GBx1-1TBx1-UMA-UBT-DW-Cardreader-Wireless
15 DD-635 Dell Inspiron Mini Tower 3650-i5-6400-2.7Ghz-8GBx1-1TBx1-D2G-UBT-DW-Cardreader-Wireless
16 DD-645 Dell Inspiron Mini Tower 3650-i7-6700-3.4Ghz-16GB-2TB-D2G-UBT-DW-Cardreader-Wireless1707
17 DD-675 Dell Inspiron Small 3250-i3-6100-3.7Ghz-4GBx1-1TBx1-UMA-UBT-DW-Cradreader-Wireless
18 DD-676 Dell Inspiron Small 3250-i3-6100-3.7Ghz-4GBx1-1TBx1-D2GB-UBT-DW-Cradreader-Wireless
2 DD-165 Dell Inspiron AIO 5459 None Touch-i5-6400T-8G-1TB-23.8″-D4GB-Win10Home SL-Wirless-DVD-RW
19 DD-685 Dell Inspiron Small 3250-i5-6400-2.7Ghz-8GBx1-1TBx1-UMA-UBT-DW-Cradreader-Wireless
20 DD-725 Dell Vostro Small 3250-i5-6400-2.7GHz-4GBx1-500GB-UMA-UBT-DW-Wireless 1701 (2Y)
21 DD-783 Dell Vostro Mini Tower 3650-i3-6100-3.7GHz-4GBx1-500GB-UMA-UBT-DW-Wireless 1707-CardReader (2Y)
22 DD-787 Dell Vostro Mini Tower 3650-i3-6100-3.7GHz-4GBx1-1TB-UMA-UBT-DW-Wireless 1707-CardReader (2Y)
23 DD-790 Dell Vostro Mini Tower 3650-i5-6400-2.7GHz-4GBx1-1TB-UMA-UBT-DW-Wireless 1801-CardReader
24 DD-791 Dell Vostro Mini Tower 3650-i5-6400-2.7GHz-4GBx1-1TB-UBT-D2G-DW-CardReader
25 DD-799 Dell Vostro Mini Tower 3650-i7-6700-3.4GHz-8GB-1TB-UBT-D2G-DW-CardReader-Wireless1707+2Y
26 DD-827 Dell Vostro Mini Tower 3653-i5-6400-2.7GHz-4GBx1-500GBx1-UMA-UBT-Wireless 1707-DW-No  Cardreader
27 DD-830 Dell Vostro Mini Tower 3653-i5-6400-2.7GHz-4GBx1-1TBx1-D2GB-UBT-Wireless 1801-DW-No  Cardreader (2Y)
28 DE-348 Dell Inspiron 3000 (3847)-i7-4790-3.6Ghz-16GB-2TBx1-UBT-D2GB-DW-W1705
29 DE-401 Dell Inspiron Small 3000 3647-i5-4460s-2.9Ghz-4GBx1-1TB-D2GB-UBT-DW
30 DE-629 Dell Inspiron 660MT-PDC-G2030-6GB(4G+2G)-2TB-D1G-UBT-Reader-UMA+W1506
31 DE-917 Dell Inspiron AIO20 3048 None Touch-i3-4170T-4GB-1TB-UMA-19.5”-UBT-DW-W1707(3Y
32 LD-211 NB Dell Inspiron 3421-Pentium  2127U-2GB-500GB-14”-DW-DOS
33 LD-225 NB Dell Inspiron 3421-i5-3337U-4GB-500GB-14”-1GB-DW-DOS
34 LD-276 NB Dell XPS 12-TOUCH-Core M3 6Y30-4GB-128GB SSD-Win10 Pro-UMA-12.5”FHD-W8260-2 Cell-Backlit keyboard
35 LD-278 NB Dell XPS 12-TOUCH-Core m5 6Y57-8GB-256GB SSD-Win10 Pro-UMA-12.5”4K UHD (3840×2160)-W8260-2 Cell-Backlit keyboard
36 LD-279 NB Dell XPS 12-TOUCH-Core m7 6Y75-8GB-512GB SSD-Win10 Pro-UMA-12.5”4K UHD (3840×2160)-W8260-2 Cell-Backlit keyboard
37 LD-307 NB Dell XPS 13 Touch-i5 6200U-8GB-256GB-Win10 Home SL-13.3”QHD-UMA-DW1820A
38 LD-367 NB Dell  XPS 15-Touch-i7-6700HQ-16GB-256GB-GTX 960M 2GB-Win10Pro-15.6” 4K UHD-W1830-6Cell
39 LD-370 NB Dell  XPS 15 i5-6300HQ-8GB (4GBx2)-1TB+32GB SSD-15.6” FHD-GTX960M 2GB-Win10Pro-W1830-3cell-Backlit keyboard
2 DD-165 Dell Inspiron AIO 5459 None Touch-i5-6400T-8G-1TB-23.8″-D4GB-Win10Home SL-Wirless-DVD-RW
40 LD-371 NB Dell  XPS 15 i7-6700HQ-8GB(4GBx2)-1TB+32GB-15.6” FHD-GTX960M 2GB-Win10Pro-W1830-3Cell-Backlit keyboard
41 LD-372 NB Dell  XPS 15 i7-6700HQ-8GB(4GX2)-256GB SSD-15.6” FHD-GTX960M 2GB-Win10Pro-W1830-3Cell
42 LD-531 Dell Audi 5-i5-3210M-4GB-500GB-15.6”-UMA Integ-Dos-Change
43 LD-799 NB ADAMFCG07ASE Adamo 13-U9400-2GB-128SSD-13.4″-Win7 HP-Black
44 LD-983 NB Dell Inspiron 3000(3162)-  Cel N3050-2GB-32GB-11.6”-UBUNTU-UMA-W1707-2Cell
45 LD-984 NB Dell Inspiron 3000(3162)-  Cel N3050-2GB-500GB-11.6”-UBUNTU-UMA-W1707-2Cell
46 LD-986 NB Dell Inspiron 3000(3162)-  Pentium N3700-4GB-500GB-11.6”-UBUNTU-UMA-W1707-2Cell
47 LE-027 NB Dell Inspiron 3000(3443)-Cel 3205U-4G-500G-UBT-UMA-14”-W1705-4 Cel
48 LE-048 NB Dell Inspiron 3000(3458)-I3-4005U-4G-500G-UMA-14′-UBT-NoDW-4 Cel
49 LE-050 EOL-NB Dell Inspiron 3000(3458)-I3-5005U-4G-500G-UMA-14′-UBT-NoDW-4Cel
50 LE-068 NB Dell Inspiron 3000(3558)-I3-4005U-4G-500G-UMA-15.6′-UBT-NoDW-4 Cel
51 LE-069 NB Dell Inspiron 3000(3558)-I3-4005U-4G-500G-D2G-15.6′-UBT-NoDW-4 Cel
52 LE-084 NB Dell Inspiron 3437-Celeron2955U-2GB-500GB-14”-UMA-UBT-DW-4CELL
53 LE-099 NB Dell Inspiron 3437-i3-4010U-4GB-750GB-14”-UMA-UBT-DW-4Cell
54 LE-141 NB Dell Inspiron 3000(3543)-I3-5005U-4GB-500GB-UBT-UMA-15.6-DW-4 Cell
55 LE-200 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5458)Touch-i3-4005U-4G-1T-14”-W10HSL-DW-4Cel
56 LE-203 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5558)Touch-i3-5005U-4G-500G-15.6′-W10HSL-DW-4Cel
57 LE-209 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5558)Touch-i3-5005U-4G-500G-15.6′-W8.1SL-DW-4Cel
58 LE-211 NB Dell Inspiron 5000 (5558)Touch-i5-5250U-4G-1T-15.6′-UBT-D2G-DW-4Cel
59 LE-213 NB Dell Inspiron 5000 (5458)Touch-i5-5250U-8G-1T-14”-UBT-UMA-DW-4Cell
60 LE-214 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5558)Touch-i3-5005U-4G-500G-15.6′-UBT-DW-4Cel
61 LE-220 NB Dell Inspiron 5000 (5559)Touch-i5-6200U-4GB-1T-15.6′-W10HSL-D2G-DW-W3160-4Cell
2 DD-165 Dell Inspiron AIO 5459 None Touch-i5-6400T-8G-1TB-23.8″-D4GB-Win10Home SL-Wirless-DVD-RW
62 LE-224 NB Dell Inspiron 5000 (5559)Touch-i7-6500U-8GB-1T-15.6”FHD-W10HSL-D4G-DW-W3160-4Cell
63 LE-315 NB Dell Inspiron 7359Touch-I5-6200U-4G-500G-13.3″HD-Dos-UMA-UBT-3Cel
64 LE-318 NB Dell Inspiron 7359Touch-I7-6500U-8G-256GSSD-13.3″FHD-UMA-UBT-3Cell-Backlit keyboard
65 LE-319 NB Dell Inspiron 7359Touch-I7-6500U-8G-256GSSD-13.3″FHD-UMA-W10Pro-3Cell-Backlit keyboard
66 LE-340 NB Dell Inspiron 7559 Touch I5 6300HQ-8GB-1TB Hybrid HDD-15.6″4K  UHD (3840×2160)-GTX960M 4GB-UBT-NO  DVD-W3165AC-6 Cell
67 LE-345 NB Dell Inspiron 7559 Touch I7 6700HQ-8GB-1TB Hybrid HDD-15.6″4K  UHD (3840×2160)-GTX960M 4GB-UBT-NO  DVD-W3165AC-6 Cell
68 LE-346 NB Dell Inspiron 7559 Touch I7 6700HQ-8GB-1TB-15.6″Backlit Keyboard-D4GB-UBT-NO DVD-W3165AC-6 Cell
69 LE-385 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5558) i3-4005U-4G-500G-15.6′-W10HSL-UMA-DW-4Cell
70 LE-386 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5558) i3-4005U-4G-500G-15.6′-W10HSL-D2G-DW-4Cell
71 LE-390 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5558) i3-4005U-4G-1TB-15.6′-W10HSL-UMA-DW-4Cell
72 LE-400 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5442)-I3-4005U-4GB-500GB-UBT-UMA-14”-NonDW-3Cel
73 LE-412 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5551) PDC N3540-4G-500G-15.6”-UBT-UMA-DW-4Cell
74 LE-424 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5542)-I5-4210U-4G-500G-UBT-D2G-15.6”-NonDW-3Cel
75 LE-426 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5458) Cel 3205U-4G-500G-14”-UBT-UMA-DW-4Cell
76 LE-428 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5458) i3-5005U-4G-500G-14”-UBT-D2G-DW-4Cell
77 LE-429 NB Dell Inspiron 5000 (5458)-I3 5005U-4GB-500GB-14″-DW-UMA-W3160-4 Cell
78 LE-447 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5558) i3-4005U-4G-1T-UMA-15.6”-UBT-DW-4Cell
79 LE-448 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5558) i3-5005U-4G-500G-UMA-UBT-15.6”-DW-4Cell-W3160
80 LE-449 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5558) i3-5005U-4G-500G-D2GB-UBT-15.6”-DW-4Cell-W3160
81 LE-468 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5459) i3-6100U-4G-1TB-14”-UBT-UMA-DW-4Cell
82 LE-472 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5459) i5-6200U-4G-500G-14”-UBT-D2G-DW-4Cell
83 LE-474 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5459) i5-6200U-4G-1TB-14”-UBT-D4GB-DW-W3160-4Cell
2 DD-165 Dell Inspiron AIO 5459 None Touch-i5-6400T-8G-1TB-23.8″-D4GB-Win10Home SL-Wirless-DVD-RW
84 LE-476 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5459) i5-6200U-8G-1T-14”-UBT-D2G-DW-4Cell
85 LE-480 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5459) i7-6500U-4G-1T-14”-UBT-D4G-DW-4Cell
86 LE-485 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5559)-i3  6100U-4GB-500GB-UBUNTU-UMA-W3160-4 Cell
87 LE-491 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5559) i5-6200U-4G-500G-15.6”-UBT-D2G-DW-4Cell
88 LE-493 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5559) i5-6200U-4G-1T-15.6”-UBT-D4G-DW-4Cell
89 LE-499 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5559) i7-6500U-16G-2T-15.6”-UBT-D4G-DW-4Cell
90 LE-652 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5547)-I5-4210U-4GB-500GB-UBT-D2G-15.6-NonDW-3Cel
91 LE-654 NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5547)-I5-4210U-4GB-1TB-UBT-D2GB-15.6-NonDW-3Cell
92 LE-669 EOL-NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5448)-I3-5005U-4G-500G-UBT-D2G-14′-NonDW-3Ce
93 LE-671 EOL-NB Dell Inspiron 5000(5448)-I5-5200U-4G-500G-UBT-D4G-14”-NoDW-3Ce
94 LE-721 NB Dell Inspiron 7437-I5 4210U-6GB-500GB+32G SSD-UBT-UMA-14”-4 Cell
95 LE-730 NB Dell Inspiron 7447-I5 4200H-4GB-500GB-UBT-D4GB-DW-14”-6Cell-W3160
96 LE-739 NB Dell Inspiron 7548-I5-5200U-6GB-500G-UBT-D4GB-15.6”-3Cell-W3160
97 LE-754 NB Dell Inspiron 7559-I5 6300HQ-4GB-1TB-15.6″FHD Non touch-GTX960M 4GB-UBT-NO  DVD-W3165AC-6 Cell
98 LE-756 NB Dell Inspiron 7559-I7 6700HQ-8GB-1TB Hybrid HDD-15.6”FHD None Touch-GTX960M 4GB-UBT-No  DVD-W3165-6  Cell
99 LE-802 NB Dell Vostro 3458 Core i3-4005U-4GB-500GB-UBT-UMA-14”-DW-4CELL
100 LE-806 NB Dell Vostro 3458 Core i5-5250U-4GB-500GB-UBT-D2GB-14”-DW-4CELL
101 LE-807 NB Dell Vostro 3459-I5 6200U-4GB-500GB-14″-DW-UMA-W3160-4 Cell
102 LE-808 NB Dell Vostro 3459-I5 6200U-4GB-500GB-14″-DW-DISCRETE 2GB-W3160-4  Cell
103 LE-809 NB Dell Vostro 3559-I5 6200U-4GB-500GB-15.6″-DW–UMA-W3160-4 Cell
104 LE-810 NB Dell Vostro 3559-I5 6200U-4GB-500GB-15.6″-DW-DISCRETE 2GB-W3160-4  Cell
105 LE-814 NB Dell Vostro 3559-I7-6500U-4GB-1TB-15.6″-DW-DISCRETE 2GB-W3160-4  Cell
2 DD-165 Dell Inspiron AIO 5459 None Touch-i5-6400T-8G-1TB-23.8″-D4GB-Win10Home SL-Wirless-DVD-RW
106 LE-862 NB Dell Vostro 5459-I3 6100U-4GB-500GB-14″-UBT-UMA-W3165-3 Cell
107 LE-869 NB Dell Vostro 5459-I5 6200U-4GB-500GB-14″-UBT-DISCRETE 2GB-W3165-3  Cell
108 LE-875 NB Dell Vostro 5459-I7 6500U-8GB-1TB-14″-UBT-DISCRETE 4GB-W3163-3  Cell
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