Apple’s WWDC19 keynote in 12 minutes

Apple’s WWDC19 keynote presentation brought a new Mac Pro, as well as all the latest developments for iOS, MacOS Catalina, WatchOS, TVOS and the announcement of iPadOS. These are the biggest announcements from the show, including a new Mac Pro and Pro Display, dark mode on iOS, Siri enhancements and voice control.

there is one more spot in our lineupthat the team has been working reallyhard to fill yes to create a productthat will take Mac further than it’sever gone before and I am so excited andthrilled to show it to you now this isthe new Mac Pro and it’s incredible ithas a truly gorgeous design andremarkable performance to match so let’sstart with the processor and we’vedesigned this new Mac Pro for ourcustomers who need the ultimate in CPUperformance for tasks like productionrendering or playing back hundreds ofvirtual instruments or simulating an iOSapp on multiple devices at once so we’reusing a brand new Intel Xeon processorand it has up to 28 cores and to getevery last ounce of performance out ofthis processor we’re giving it over 300watts of power and a massive heatsinkfor cooling so this means it can runfully unconstrained all the time now wealso have an extremely high performancememory architecture six channels ofsuperfast ECC memory in 12 DIMM slotsand hable an incredible 1.5 terabytes ofsystem memory so one of the mostcritical areas of expansion is graphicsgraphics performance is so important fortasks like animating 3d film assets orcompositing 8k scenes or buildingcomplex 3d environments we’re gonnaoffer multiple graphics options startingwith the Radeon Pro 580 X a greatall-around graphics card but for a bigupgrade in graphics performance the MacPro can be configured with AMD’s RadeonPro Vega 2 and Vega 2 delivers 14teraflops of graphics compute in 32gigabytes of memory with an insane 1terabyte per second of memory bandwidthbut we didn’t stop there because withthe increased Headroom of the MPX modulewe can actually use two mega two GPUsfor double the teraflops double thememory and double the memory bandwidththis is quite simply the world’s mostpowerful graphics card now the new MacPro is going to start with an 8 coreXeon processor 32 gigabytes of memoryRadeon Pro 5 ATX and a 256 gigabyte SSDnow if you look at other systemsconfigured with comparable componentsyou’ll see that they cost around eightthousand dollars the new Mac Pro willstart at $59.99 mike the mac pro thedesign is stunning and every element isbuilt for pro’s and it’s the mostincredible panel we have ever made it’sa 32 inch LCD display with over 20million pixels and with 218 pixels perinchit’s a 6k Retina display it’s over 40percent larger than the iMac 5k displaygiving pros even more room for theirtools and their content those images aregoing to have gorgeous incredibly newensconcenuance contrast and incredible 1 millionto 1 contrast ratio so that’s the newproduce play XDR it’s the only displayin the industry that delivers everyfeature on a prose wish list and morethe pro display xcr will be $49.99 forthe display itselfand the nano texture version will be$59.99 we are bringing dark mode to iOSI’d love to show it to you live now allrightokay let’s take our first live look ati/o s now here it is in its traditionallight appearance it’s a gorgeous newwallpaper but now let’s begin ourdescent into darkness look at that thegorgeous dark wallpaper notificationslook great let’s take a look at ourwidget look just awesome let’s take alook at some appswe’ll start with news check it out witha gorgeous dark appearance so nice andyour calendar your daily events havenever looked so awesome them with thisreally beautiful palette and notes lookat this refined texture it’s reallyfantastic let’s take a trip intomessages so you see how your images youremoji they all look just fantastic andof course the keyboard an extra refinednew dark appearance and some new tricksbecause now when you type you can swipelike that iOS 13 is a huge releasepacked with lots of capabilities but weknow that nothing is more important toour iPhone users than performance sothis year we work top to bottom thesystem making everything faster that youdo the most things like unlocking withface ID now 30% faster we’ve changed theway that were packaging apps on the AppStore when this rolls out in the fallwith iOS 13 you’ll see that yourdownloads are now 50% smaller andupdates 60% smaller but what’s reallyincredible is the effect it has on applaunch speed it’s up to twice as fast iniOS 13 but of course there’s much moreto iOS 13 starting with apps let’s startwith Safari mail and notes now Safarihas new options to quickly change textsizing and as per website preferencesmale gets desktop class text formattingcontrols including support for richfonts and notes gets this beautiful newgallery view support for shared foldersand much more next I want to turn tologin we’ve all seen buttons like thisasking us to use a social account log into get a more personalized experiencewith an app and these logins can be usedto track you so we wanted to solve thisand many developers do too and so now wehave the solutionit’s called sign in with sign in withApple it’s the fast easy way to sign inwithout all the tracking a simple APIallows the developer to put a sign inwith Apple button right in their app youjust tap it and you’re authenticatedwith face ID on your device logged inwith a new account without revealing anynew personal information now some appsmay want your name and maybe even anemail to send you information whenyou’re outside the app now we do allowthem tothis information but check this out youcan choose to share your actual emailaddress or you can choose to hide it andwhen you do we’ll create a unique randomaddress that forwards to your realaddress a lot of love for random addressis here and that’s good news because wegive each app a unique random addressand this means you can disable any oneof them at any time when you’re tired ofhearing from that app it’s really greatit’s called emoji stickers now insteadof expressing yourself like this withemoji in your conversations you can nowdo it like this we automatically createa sticker pack for you for each of yourmomochi now of course you can use themmessages but we’ve also incorporatedthem right alongside emoji in the systemkeyboard so you can use them in appslike mail or your favorite other appslike WeChat and we’ve made these usablenot just in more apps but also on moredevices because while actually animatinga emoji puppet with your face requires adevice with a true depth camera systemmomochi stickers and support for themomochi editor is now supported for alldevices with an a nine chip or later nowlet’s talk about apps now these aredesigned for quick interactions on watchfirst we’re bringing more Apple apps towatch the new audiobooks app to let youlisten to Apple ebooks and voice memosso you can easily record your thoughtsand calculatorand check this out it also includes theability to do tip calculations includingthe ability to split the bill withfriendsnow we’re also giving developers greatnew tools and API is to build great appsfor apple watch and we’re now making itpossible to create apps that runindependently on the watch no longerrequiring a companion iPhone appand now you can get extended time toaccess sensor data and complete sessionslike physical therapy with kya orbrushing your teeth with Colgate ormeditating with calm and watch OS 6 nowenables the streaming audio API so youcan go with just your watch and you canstream great content like podcasts musiclive sports games so with new developertools and a new native UI frameworkcoming this year we’re enabling a wholenew generation of apps for watch now tomake it even easier for you to discoverthese apps we’re excited to bring theApp Store to Apple watchyou can browse apps curated by oureditorial team or find favorite appslike headspace or carrot weather orstreaks Nike Run Club you can search thefull app store using dictation orscribble or just asking Siri and you canview product pages to see informationlike the OP description reviewsscreenshots and finally you can purchaseand install an app directly on yourwatchso discovering and using apps in Applewatch is going to be better ever thanever with the app store and these reallygreat developer tools we’re calling itiPad OS and I’d like to give you a firstlook but what if I want to get back tothat last app could we make that supereasy the answer is yes I can just dragfrom the bottom and they fan out justlike that with just a tap I can switchacts now there’s one more that’s rightyou can now plug in a thumb drive thefuture of Apple music our iTunes is notone app but three Apple music Applepodcasts and Apple TV for our next majorrelease of Mac OS we’re moving out ofthe desert and to the beautiful watersoff the California coast place forsailing diving and so much more its MacOS Catalinanow Catalina includes cool new featuressome really fresh new apps and somepowerful technology for developers

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