Motherboard Adapter Cable ATX 24Pin 3 PSU Power Supply($11)

ATX 24Pin 3 PSU Power Supply Starter Cord Motherboard Adapter Cable 18AWG Power Synchronous Starter Wire for BTC Miner Machine.

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CALL NOW: 063 76 79 79 | 012 23 00 86 | 093 23 00 87 |(សៀមរាប)

Item specifics
Brand Name:VAKINDModel Number:24Pin 3 PSU Power Supply Starter cableType:Power CableProducts Status:StockPackage:YesModel A:1 x Male end (Motherboard side): 24pinModel B:3 x Female ends (PSUs side): 24pinType: :Extension CordMain Cable Length: :30 cm/11.81 in
ATX 24Pin Quad 3 PSU Power Supply Starter Motherboard Adapter Cable 18AWG Wire for BTC Miner Machine RIG 30cm

100% Brand New
18AWG Wire
It’s suitable for <= 2000W PSU
Perfect for mining builds and 3 PSU gaming.
High price-effective, reliability with industry standards.
Advanced technology and excellent quality, is believable and trustworthy.
Enable the connection of three power supply units to a single motherboard.
Able to provide more power to your computer components without having upgrade your existing power supply unit.
With imported 24pin(20+4) male connector/24pin female *3, compatible with old motherboards.

1. Model: 1 x Male end (Motherboard side): 24pin
3 x Female ends (PSUs side): 24pin
2. Type: Extension Cord
3. Color: Black
4. Main Cable Length: 30 cm/11.81 in
5. Auxiliary power supply cable, up to 50cm.

Please make sure to check the cable before you plug, do not reverse or plug incorrectly, in case of burning your device.
To avoid hurting pins, please fix the holder before you plug.
3-in-1 PSU Power-On Adapter
Modern mining rigs require more than one power supply powering your system at the same time. With the GIGABYTE Power-On adapter you can now connect up to 3 different power supplies in the most simple way. A safer cheaper and easier way than ever before!

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