ADATA PV110 Power Bank

It’s amazing that in just half a decade, the mobile phone as we once knew has evolved into a powerful mobile PC in your pocket. We’re talking octa-core processors, gigabytes of RAM and storage and even ultra high resolution screens. With all this power though, surfaces a new problem. Battery life.
Gone are the days of the hardy Nokias that last weeks on end on a single charge. Sure, mobile makers could always pack in a massive battery, but that has implications in both weight and form factor. Aside from being wall-huggers (which some of us still do), the other real alternative is the external battery pack or popularly known as power bank.

  • 1.0A output, 2.1A output (fast charging)
  • microUSB input
  • 10400mAh capacity, Lithium-ion
  • Able to charge two devices simultaneously
  • LED power indicator
  • Automatic cut-off when device is fully charged
  • Auto power-off when idle for 10 seconds
  • Aluminium exterior
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