Here are phone hacks that will make your life so much easier!
Did you realize that the battery is a weak point on every smartphone, the batteries much like people are susceptible to stresses. To ensure your battery stays charged for a long time, you need to change your habits:

– Don’t leave your smartphone plugged in when the battery’s full. This will increase the strain on the battery and lead to its deterioration.

– Don’t try to charge your battery until it’s completely full. The high voltage will wear it out.

– It’s better to charge your phone in several short sessions than in one go!

– Don’t leave your phone in the sun!

I also will show you some awesome ideas to create cable charger protectors that will make it last so much longer and look stylish as hell! πŸ™‚


0:15 Phone batteries just like people
1:19 Awesome portable cable charger
2:20 Cable charger protector
4:00 Incredible uses for your smartphone camera
5:59 Earphone hacks
8:25 How to use your phone safely

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